Internet of Things Testing

Internet of Things Testing

What we do

The trend of digitalization has influenced a number of business areas including transport, education, healthcare, government, retail, finance. The aim of Internet of Things (IoT) is to simplify everyday life of people of different age, occupation and preferences and make industries more effective in terms of time, cost, productivity and usability.

QATestLab provides the QA and testing of IoT products for startups, software vendors and distributors to enter the market with the solutions of high quality, that ensure user to have positive experience while interacting with them.

Complexity of IoT

Making ordinary things ‘smart’, IoT products consist of several components, which integrated operation ensure designed user experience:

  • device created for a particular purpose, e.g., turn on / off the light
  • software to be able to manage device
  • sensors that ensure real-world integration
  • mobile devices to have the software installed and be able to use the IoT product


What we do

In order to assist in releasing qualitative software to the market, we conduct complete testing to verifying product’s usability, security, performance, connectivity, compatibility.

In order to avoid missing critical bugs, we also perform testing of:

  • Mobile application (supported on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows platforms)
  • Firmware of a device
  • Integration of hardware and mobile devices (BLE, Wi-Fi synchronization)
  • API (synchronization and data storage between cloud and mobile application or hardware device)
  • data security - role-based access (client, API), authorization & authentication protocols (OAuth, token based, key based), XSS/SQL injections (manual), cache storage security (keyboard, browser, application)

By performing IoT testing, we make sure that the processes of data collection and integration are well-established and conducted in a proper way. Possessing a wide range of devices (iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon) with the possibility to test device models on different OS types, we evaluate software compatibility and integrability that are crucial for end users.

In order to ensure secure data flow between devices, we perform security testing by detecting system vulnerabilities, checking password protection, simulating hackers’ attacks. Being data centric, the security of IoT applications hides a number of challenges for QA team.

Despite working correctly in laboratory conditions, IoT products may operate with the errors of different types in a real environment. In order to check real-time scenarios in real conditions, we perform pilot testing.

Predictable IoT

Due to our 12-year experience and presence at the market, our customers entrust us their solutions and devices for testing. We are flexible in selecting and modifying software testing types within the project. Based on required scope of work, project and specified requirements, we form the team of QA specialists. After testing a number of IoT products, we are aware of system areas that may contain tricky and hidden issues.