Cloud Solutions Testing

Cloud Solutions Testing

What we do

In order to enable users to get access to particular software from wherever they want, companies use cloud computing services. QATestLab provides the services of cloud solutions testing to make sure that the delivery of such computing services as networking, analytics, software, storage, databases is possible over the Internet.

By using cloud computing, companies accelerate the speed of product deployment and reduce the expenses needed for development. Cloud computing makes the updating process more frequent and easy-to-install. A proper operation of cloud solutions ensures the increase of system flexibility and scalability.

What we test

  • Software-as-a-service (Saas) - cloud applications for different industries
  • Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) - market-leading platforms
  • Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) - on-demand infrastructures with high flexibility

Taking into account the specifics of cloud solutions, we test public clouds operated by a third-party cloud provider, private clouds used by a single company and hybrid clouds that combine both public and private clouds.

How we test

Based on customers’ requirements and project specifics, we conduct several forms of cloud solution testing:

  • Verification of the whole cloud as an entire unity
  • Assessment of a certain internal cloud feature
  • Testing across the cloud based on its type
  • SaaS checking including functional and non-functional tests

In order to ensure the correct operation of cloud solution, we perform functional testing that includes system verification. We make sure that each system module works according to the specification and does not hamper the operation of another module.

By conducting acceptance testing, we check whether the solution meets end users’ needs and expectations.

Also, we perform non-functional testing that includes availability checking, multi-tenancy testing, performance verification, security testing, issue recovery checking, scalability testing.

Cloud adoption made simple

Due to our experience in testing cloud solutions, we assist in ensuring higher ROI by providing our customers with suggestions to improve and simplify the process of cloud technologies adoption. We are aware of the most common issues of cloud solutions that decrease system accessibility, scalability and performance.

Having a large park of devices and machines with OS of different types and versions, we ensure fast quality evaluation without breaking deadlines and requiring additional expenses. We provide a wide test coverage including load and performance verification in various environments and with different configurations and their combinations.