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How Can Testers Integrate in a Scrum Software Development Process?

Agile software development assumes agile s oftware testing that distinguishes from the ordinary one.

Experts in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing must be ready to meet the challenges of agile software development.

Scrum is among effective agile development frameworks. Test engineers should follow certain rules in order to blend into a Scrum project. They must keep pace with the programmers, meet the deadlines and find all the serious defects in course of testing efforts.

Being a Part of a Scrum Team, Testers Should:

  • study requirements of the application before proceeding to testing;
  • not only find and document errors, but determine their roots and provide this information to the development team; this helps to fix defects quickly;
  • allocate time on  functional testing, performance testing, user interface testing and so on in advance;
  • keep records of planned and actually spent hours on verification of the application;
  • participate in Scrum meetings;
  • carefully verify code of the program;
  • share responsibility for the created software and completed sprints with the development team.

If all the team members are fully devoted to the project, communication and team work are well arranged, the product will be created fast, and the customers will be satisfied.